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Microchipping for the Protection of Your Pet

Microchipping for pets is one of the more useful technological developments to come along in recent years – for pet owners, animal care organizations and for pets. By providing us a way to permanently identify an animal, it takes the guesswork out of reuniting owners with their animals, and helps prevent unnecessary euthanization of pets across the country.

How Microchipping Works and Benefits Your Pet

Microchipping is quick and fairly easy. Much like giving your pet a vaccination, our veterinarian injects the microchip underneath your animal’s skin – usually between the shoulder blades. The microchip is smaller than a grain of rice, so after the initial poke of the needle, neither you nor your pet ever notices that it is there. The chip is also durable, and will last the entire life of your animal.
The chip contains an identification number that anyone with a handheld microchip reader can read. This number can be referenced in a database, either online or over the phone. You just fill out your information in the database under the chip number, and anyone who finds your pet and reads the chip can contact you.

Almost every animal organization in the country now uses microchip readers. This means that if your pet is brought in to an animal shelter, or to a veterinary center, the chip will be scanned by default. They will then contact you immediately to reunite you with your pet.

Like all animals, your dog or cat has only a certain level of understanding when it comes to the human world. It may be curious, or frightened or looking for you when it makes its great escape. Whatever the animal’s reasons, it has a very good chance of getting lost or picked up by animal control once it leaves the safety of your home. If you have ever lost a pet, you know how stressful this can be.

Having your pet microchipped by our Bakersfield veterinarian is a safety net that every pet owner should have. It will not make searching for your lost pet any less stressful, but it will make it easier for anyone who finds your dog or cat to get it back to you. It also prevents your pet from being euthanized at an overburdened animal shelter – something that happens far more than anyone wants.

Microchipping is also useful for people with purebred animals, as animal theft does happen. If someone chooses to steal your pet and then takes it into a veterinarian’s office, the vet will scan the pet as a matter of course. If it is discovered that the animal is registered to you, you will be contacted.

There are few things as easy to do for your pet that have so many benefits. As your Bakersfield veterinarian, Thurman Veterinary Center recommends you bring your pet in for microchipping as soon as you can.

THIS ---->https://thurmanvetcenter.com/about-us/services/microchipping.html

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