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In a Pet Emergency, Call Our Bakersfield Animal Hospital

Dog Experiencing a Pet Emergency in BakersfieldOur Bakersfield veterinary center is ready to help with any pet emergency or urgent care need, for large and small animals, every Monday through Friday from 8:00-noon and from 1:30-5:30 in the afternoons. If your pet is hurt or sick, do not hesitate to call us at 661-589-9900 so that our Bakersfield animal hospital team can fit you into the schedule and prepare for your arrival, particularly if pet surgery is needed. If your pet needs assistance on evenings or weekends, please call the Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital. In the meantime, please read through our Bakersfield veterinarian’s tips so you will be prepared, just in case.

Pet Emergency Prevention Tips from our Bakersfield Veterinarian

First of all, our Bakersfield veterinarian urges you to do all you can to prevent a pet emergency before it happens:

  • Keep all medications, human foods, poisonous plants, antifreeze, cleaning supplies and personal care products locked up or otherwise out of reach.
  • Put child-proofing on cabinets and secure trash can lids.
  • Never leave your pets in a parked car.
  • Keep pets in a secure, fenced yard or keep them leashed when out and about.
  • Keep your pet’s vaccinations current.
  • Schedule spay and neuter pet surgery.
  • Keep pets hydrated and in the shade on warm days.

Yet even with the best precautions, a pet emergency can still happen. Prepare by learning how to handle potential emergencies. The following symptoms require quick action and an immediate call to our Bakersfield veterinary center:

  • Unconsciousness—Check for breathing and pulse. If not breathing, begin animal CPR (call our Bakersfield animal hospital at 661-589-9900 for instructions). If your pet seems overheated, use damp, cool towels to cool him or her and ask our Bakersfield veterinarian for the next steps.
  • Difficulty Breathing—Could indicate your pet is choking on an object or having an allergic reaction. Carefully pull out the tongue and remove any foreign objects, then call our Bakersfield veterinary center immediately.
  • Vomiting, diarrhea—Can quickly lead to dehydration and can indicate poisoning, a serious illness or a potentially lethal intestinal blockage that requires pet surgery (especially if the stomach is tight and bloated).
  • Bleeding—Press firmly onto the wound with sterile gauze or clean towels, being careful around broken bones; do not remove the dressing so a good clot will form. Call our Bakersfield animal hospital for assistance.
  • Seizures—Remain calm and remove any furniture, sharp objects, etc. away from your pet. Speak calmly and stay close, but do not restrain your pet. Once the seizure has passed, come to our Bakersfield veterinary center.

These are the most urgent symptoms to watch for, but if you ever feel your pet is in trouble, call us right away. Our Bakersfield veterinarian can advise you on any first aid measures necessary, and we are always ready to help with state-of-the-art pet surgery facilities and a veterinary team that is highly-skilled and compassionate.

THIS ---->https://thurmanvetcenter.com/about-us/services/pet-emergency---urgent-care.html

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