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Helpful Answers from Our Bakersfield Veterinarian

You may instinctively shy away from the idea of scheduling any kind of surgery for your beloved pet, but the fact is that spaying or neutering provides a wealth of important health and wellness benefits. Here at Thurman Veterinary Center, our Bakersfield veterinarian urges owners to have their pets surgically sterilized while they are still puppies or kittens. To give you a better understanding of the role these procedures can play in your pet's well being, let's look at some common questions our veterinarian in Bakersfield hears from pet owners.

What's involved in sterilization surgery? 

The two types of sterilization surgery include spaying and neutering. Spay surgery is more properly known as ovariohysterectomy -- an internal procedure that involves removal of the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes. Neuter surgery is also known as castration, in which our veterinarian in Bakersfield removes a male animal's testes.

How does spay and neuter surgery protect pets against disease? 

Pets who have been sexually sterilized tend to enjoy a longer lifespan and a much lower cancer risk than intact animals. A pet who has no reproductive organs cannot develop cancer in those organs, so by removing these organs, our Bakersfield veterinarian can eliminate the risks for several potentially fatal illnesses. Spayed females also enjoy a lowered risk of breast cancer due to the hormonal changes produced by the surgery.

How can spay and neuter surgery reduce the risk of injury to my pet? 

Pets who experience heat cycles become obsessed with the search for a mate. This can lead to aggressive behaviors and late-night roaming throughout the neighborhood -- two issues that can easily propel your pet into street accidents, fights with other animals, and other dangerous circumstances. Sterilizing your pet helps him enjoy a more peaceful, happy disposition, which in turn helps keep him out of trouble.

What role does sexual sterilization play in aiding the animal community

Owners who cannot deal with litters of puppies or kittens have to hand the animals over to shelters with limited resources. As a result, millions of animals must be euthanized each year. By doing your part to control overpopulation with sterilization from our Bakersfield veterinarian, you're doing animals everywhere a favor.

What do I need to know about the surgery? 

Keep your pet away from post-dinnertime food (drinking water is fine) the night before the procedure. Ask our veterinarian in Bakersfield whether you need to stop any medications beforehand. Your pet may need a brief observation period before returning home. Our Bakersfield veterinarian will advise you on any post-operative care and evaluations your pet may need.

Scheduling Spay and Neuter Surgery

Now that you see the many ways sexual sterilization can help not only your own pet but the entire animal community, the next step is to schedule the appropriate surgery with our veterinarian in Bakersfield. Contact Thurman Veterinary Center today to get even more answers to your questions and set up an appointment.

THIS ---->https://thurmanvetcenter.com/about-us/services/spay---neuter-services/spay---neuter-faq.html

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