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Spay and Neuter in Bakersfield Leads to a Longer, Healthier Life for Your Pet

Most pet owners know that spay and neuter surgeries help reduce the staggering population of unwanted stray animals in our communities. But did you know that scheduling an appointment for your pet at our spay and neuter animal hospital provides life-long health benefits and makes living with your pet significantly more rewarding and less stressful? Here at Thurman Veterinary Center, our spay and neuter vet performs hundreds of these procedures every year. Each pet is treated with the utmost care before, during and afterward to ensure a full and speedy recovery.

Benefits of Spay and Neuter in Bakersfield

One of greatest benefits of spay and neuter in Bakersfield is that it can extend the life of your pet by preventing certain cancers and improve his or her quality of life. Your pet is in excellent hands with our spay and neuter vet to be able to safely enjoy the health and wellness benefits of this important preventative procedure.

For female pets, our veterinarian surgically removes the uterus and ovaries so that she cannot become pregnant. This effectively eliminates her chances of ever developing uterine, mammary and ovarian cancers, or serious and deadly uterine infections. This also prevents your female pet from going into heat, which can be a messy experience. Spay surgery is also vastly less expensive in the long run than having to care for an unexpected litter or reproductive health problem. Overall, your female pet will live a longer, healthier life.

For male pets, our veterinarian surgically removes the testicles during a routine neutering surgery. This prevents him from ever impregnating any females, effectively helping to reduce the population of homeless animals (since one male can impregnate several females). A particularly important benefit for your male pet is that neutering eliminates his chances of ever getting testicular cancer. Neutering surgery costs far less than repairing any injuries or property damage caused by a male pet that is desperate to mate. Another benefit of spay and neuter surgeries is that the removal of the hormonally-driven urges makes pets more docile and easier to train (especially male pets).

Our veterinarians at Thurman Vet Center have performed hundreds of these successful surgeries over the years and hope that you will choose to give your pet the many benefits of this important preventative surgery. Our skilled, compassionate team will make your pet as comfortable as possible throughout the process and give you the tools you need for a speedy recovery at home. If you have any questions, please call our spay and neuter animal hospital today.

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